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Technidyne Optical Properties Book

Make a statement

A hard-cover physical book can command authority about a topic and can make your organization stand-out as a thought leader. Content-1 assisted Technidyne with the creation of, Measurement And Control Of The Optical Properties Of Paper, a 152 page hardback book to help accomplish both of these goals.


Let's give them something to celebrate!

This book was issued in part to celebrate Technidyne’s 45th Anniversary while also providing an invaluable resource for education in the paper industry concerning color, brightness, whiteness, fluorescence, opacity, gloss and residual ink. It is an un-matched resource as an optical properties reference guide and will be used to help a new generation of paper lab technicians and engineers develop professionally as optical properties experts.

Spread the word

Content-1 worked together with Technidyne experts to develop this valuable new resource which is being distributed through multiple channels throughout the paper industry and as a text book for paper engineering students at colleges and universities.

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