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Borders and Borders Case Study.

When it was time for a new website design, The Marketing Department worked with Borders and Borders to take a wholistic approach to creating the site integrating content opportunities for ongoing blog, social media, and email marketing with the goal of increasing SEO and driving traffic.

Website Design

The Marketing Department worked with Borders and Borders to create a design for their new site that truly reflected the values of this multi-generation real estate focused law firm. The interior of the firm features family heirloom, handmade grandfather clocks throughout the offices and conference rooms. Wood-grain details were incorporated into the site along with headlines that leveraged both the idea of time and families moving with the help of Borders’ residential real estate services.


Different kinds of homes and lifestyles were incorporated into the page headers graphically to represent the wide range of customer needs that Borders experts fulfill.


Important Values

Borders and Borders is committed to community service so we were sure to include an area sharing the many awards the firm has earned through their pro-bono work with many charitable organizations. 


Website SEO

We didn’t just create a beautiful site for Borders and Borders, we were also focused on developing Search Engine Optimization with the site and ongoing content marketing that was integrated into it.


Each page of the site was written to include relevant keywords and phrases that would get results form search engines. These keywords and phrases were also programmed into the background of the site along with JASON code developed to improve local search capabilities.

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SEO doesn’t just end with site development. It’s an ongoing battle to rise to the top in a real estate Google search. The Marketing Department created a monthly content calendar for Borders including blog posts, social media posts across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and email programs all designed to both inform key audiences about Borders benefits, and to create up-to-date content for search engines to discover when potential clients are looking for help.

Content Creators

Borders and Borders boast some of the best resources in the region for their real estate related services. Their time and focus is very valuable, and the idea of having staff spend time creating blogs, emails and social posts every week is not a realistic approach to their marketing. The Marketing Department works a month in advance with Borders creating relevant, professionally written content focused on topics and keywords that will improve SEO. With the approval of Borders marketing staff we then distribute all of the content across blogs and social media channels taking care of the entire package from end-to-end. Borders gets all of the benefits of content marketing with none of the hassle.


Borders and Borders Results

We are constantly doubling-down on the things that are working and removing lower-performing efforts to ensure that your marketing gets better and better as we partner with you into the future. 




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search results




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