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Technidyne Case Study.

Technidyne was looking for a web presence that matched their position at the forefront of their industry — Not only as a premier creator of products, but as a thought leader among the pulp and paper industry. 


Technidyne has earned an international reputation for excellence in products, service, and support in their field, and it was our job to help bolster this success through digital marketing. The Marketing Department now serves as Technidyne’s out-of-house marketing service. Here’s how we did it.

Our Process

We first started by auditing Technidyne’s existing marketing efforts. We discussed their pain points and identified the goals they were looking to meet through digital marketing. The auditing process included a complete overview of any existing marketing to date and troubleshooting any issues with existing marketing efforts. 


From there, we devised a marketing strategy best designed to address their needs and jumpstart their success, including development of personas designed to identify and target the unique subsections of Technidyne’s audience.


Updated Website

In order to get the most out of our digital marketing efforts, it was important to create a website experience that could actually convert visitors. We gave their website a fresh new look and added engaging video content to generate excitement among visitors.

In addition to an updated look, we also improved the user-experience element of the website by creating three unique avenues to engage existing or prospective customers: test property, automated testing, and test application. This idea was derived through in-person interviews with employees of the business with first-hand knowledge of just what their customers are looking for.


in site traffic



We also made the site mobile-friendly and included access to Technidyne’s global directory on every page, a crucial element for any company operating on an international scale. 


Technidyne’s new website functions as the hub of their marketing ecosystem, with all forms of marketing leading back to it. In addition to creating engaging monthly blog content to attract and engage visitors, we also created a virtual library that serves as the hub of Technidyne’s knowledge base. 


45th Year Anniversary

Since the company is celebrating its 45th anniversary, we capitalized on this throughout our efforts to further cement Technidyne’s status as a successful and established industry leader.

Technidyne 45 year logo.png

Establishing a Thought Leader

Technidyne occupies a unique position within their field. Many of the products they’ve helped innovate have lasted for so long that only older employees have intimate knowledge of the instruments.

In order for members of their industry to continue to get the most out of these instruments and to close this knowledge gap, Technidyne has made it their mission to educate new and upcoming employees through the sharing of their vast knowledge base, amassed over the course of 45 years of experience within their field. We even collaborated with them on the creation of their very own textbook.

PaperTrain Knowledge Base

  • This is the first and only eLearning platform within the paper-testing industry

  • Features eLearning videos that cover a wide variety of topics within the paper-testing industry

  • Offers a convenient and easy way for paper-testing companies to educate their employees on relevant topics

PaperTrain Logo.png

Measurement and Control of the Optical Properties
of Paper

  • 152-page hardback textbook

  • Offers vast wealth of knowledge and education on subjects within the pulp and paper industry

  • Designed to aid a new generation of paper lab technicians and engineers develop their knowledge of the industry


Technidyne Results

We are constantly doubling-down on the things that are working and removing lower-performing efforts to ensure that your marketing gets better and better as we partner with you into the future. 




in traffic from LinkedIn




in web traffic



sales for company in the last 2 years


Launched first
and only


for paper testing

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