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Handy Antibac Case Study.

As Covid 19 spread across the world we in the United States began searching for much needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in need of masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and more. Our partnership with Lentus put The Marketing Department front-and-center in the battle against the Corona Virus as they helped bring Handy Antibac PPE products to the US market.


Handy Antibac is a trusted resource outside of the Untited States. They carry a full-line of PPE products, but needed access to US markets to fully realize their global potential. The Marketing Department was tasked with finding and implementing the right marketing strategy quickly to help meet the need for hard-to-find PPE products across the country.

Blog and Social Media Campaign is supported by blog and social media campaigns designed to attract attention to Handy Antibac products, engaging audiences we know are in need of them. Our Social media advertising focused on key demographics in regions our research told us would be good targeting for these products, allowing us to hone-in on these potential customers effectively. Blog and social media efforts also supported on-site SEO driving more traffic to through organic search.

Facebook Mobile Post Mockup.png

eCommerce Site Development

The first step was to develop an online sales vehicle in the form of a robust e-Commerce resource that would serve as the hub of the Handy Antibac US marketing ecosystem. All marketing roads lead back to the e-Commerce site at making it quick and easy for customers to buy products by the unit or by the case meeting volume needs for individuals and families as well as businesses and industries that require high-volume ordering.


Google Ads and Search

The Marketing Department also drove traffic through the design, development and execution of Google display, search and Google shop campaigns all running simultaneously. Google paid search accounted for 67% of traffic on the site and display accounted for 25% dramatically increasing the number of potential buyers finding Handy Antibac products in their time of need.

Google Paid Search

of site traffic


Display ads increased potential buyers by


Trade Show Substitutes for Specific Industries

As Covid 19 continued to cause cancelations of live tradeshows supporting specific industries that are key to business and industrial sales of all kinds of products, The Marketing Department designed and developed a Virtual Tradeshow Booth to promote Handy Antibac products to these key audiences. Business and industrial sales tend to be much higher volume that online retail sales, so this was a very important factor in the overall marketing plan.

Handy Antibac Booth.jpg

Search and email campaigns were used along with social media promotion to these audiences to drive traffic to the virtual booth found at

Many video elements were used in the promotion of Handy Antibac products across virtually all of the marketing initiatives listed above. From long format videos like the Handy Antibac “Bubble” video that explains how to maintain a protective bubble in the new normal, to very brief explainer videos about individual products, and everything in-between, video played a key content roll in attracting the attention of new customers.

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