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Lentus Case Study.

The Marketing Department has served as the out-of-house marketing department for Lentus, a wholesale supplier and master distributor for high-quality brands such as Dow, Lucas Oil, DuPont, and Great Stuff Foam. The Marketing Department has successfully implemented a variety of marketing strategies across Lentus’s vast network of sales representatives and distributing partners. Whether it’s compelling branding, engaging video content, effective content marketing, or all-encompassing ad campaigns across all formats, ​our marketing strategies have helped Lentus reach new levels of success.


We’ve positioned the Lentus brand with a consistent, straight-forward, and easily-recognized aesthetic that guarantees any communication is immediately identifiable as arriving from Lentus. We use Lentus’s connection as the master distributor for high-quality brands such as Dow, DuPont, Great Stuff, and Lucas Oil Products to elevate Lentus to the same status in the minds of customers and potential customers over time. We help Lentus to develop their own product brands from naming and logo development to package design, point of purchase displays, and sales-support materials. Our branding also includes campaign development and roll-outs for special promotions and sales programs based on these products.



We developed Lentus's new website to quickly match customers with relevant Lentus products.

  • Added engaging video content

  • Created a convenient online product catalog 

  • Developed comprehensive online
    knowledge base

  • Integrated a helpful “Ask the Expert” module 

  • Created a Lentus blog to share ongoing


in site traffic


Content Marketing

Creating engaging content for industrial and construction products isn’t always the easiest task, but we’ve succeeded in finding ways to create appealing content that won’t leave the target audience with a glazed-over expression. Video formats garner the most engagement online, and one of our main goals was to create useful content for sales reps and warehouse distributors. To accomplish this, we created video content that helps sales reps and distributors by condensing down large amounts of information on products into easily digestible video formats, like Professor Dan's Lentus Lab videos. 


We pair this content with a variety of other mediums as well, such as blogs, social media posts, and broadcast emails. We create this content based on relevant keywords and craft it to appeal to Lentus’s targeted demographics and personas. Each piece of content is designed to drive users back to the Lentus website and is posted at a consistent frequency that ensures our efforts are seen by audiences who are interested in these purchasing opportunities.

Package Design

The Marketing Department provides Lentus with package design services that are often focused on Lentus products, but also include work for organizations that are part of the Lentus Vendor Partner Network. Dow is a good example of this kind of work. After seeing a variety of design work The Marketing Department provided in support of Dow product promotion on behalf of Lentus, Dow requested that we assist in the development of new package designs for the Global HVAC-R/Plumbing line of Dow sealants. 


Our package design services for Lentus include the development of cartons, packaging boxes, and hanging tags, along with point-of-purchase racks and displays supporting the sales of LENTEK gloves. The Marketing Departmentworked with Lentus from the inception and naming of this new brand to the design and development of all assets required to bring it to life through the Lentus distributor network.


Print Design & Development

From sales slicks to trade show booth design, direct mailers, printed ads, and just about anything else that can appear on paper, The Marketing Department is there to ensure consistency of messaging across all mediums.

Ad Campaigns

Specific product and brand-centric promotional campaigns are an essential element in the ongoing marketing efforts supporting Lentus. These campaigns involve multi-tiered, multi-channel messaging built to reach sales reps and wholesale distributors with multiple impressions simultaneously to guarantee our promotions are absorbed and understood. 

Lucas Oil Slick Deal Campaign

Grease is one of Lucas Oil’s most prevalent and trusted product lines. This campaign featured a hard-to-ignore Lucas Oil grease cartridge with a rolled-up mailer inside the cartridge. This campaign was introduced to reps in a mailer that was rolled-up and placed inside of a real Lucas Oil grease cartridge to grab attention.

Slick Deal Logo.png

Inside the tube was a flash drive containing a video introducing the program, educational videos about each of the Lucas Oil grease products, plenty of information designed to help reps exceed their sales goals, and a link to a special landing page that featured a leaderboard measuring sales by rep. Not to mention, sales reps received a 5.00 gift card for each case of grease they sold.


DOWSIL Secret Agent promotion

We delivered a highly effective video campaign for a subject that typically doesn't have much humor attached to it. The Marketing Department took to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the Lentus website to promote the only silicone sealant agent on the market that that contains 100% silicone with no extending agents added. Our film-noir secret agent approach highlighted the negative qualities of hidden filters and drove home the value of DOWSIL’s high-quality composition.

TEST TO THE TOP Heat Transfer Fluid Promotion

The Marketing Department worked with Lentus to develop and implement the TEST TO THE TOP DOWFROST sales competition. This friendly competition was designed to motivate reps to outperform each other as they tested to the top of the leaderboard. Dow, the maker of DOWFROST, offers free laboratory testing to any new customer wanting to understand the chemical makeup and expected lifespan of their current heat transfer fluid. This testing often serves as a stepping stone to a new significant sale of large volumes of DOWFROST to replace old or inefficient glycol currently in customers’ systems.

The TEST TO THE TOP program was designed to provide test kits to Lentus sales reps along with all the information they would need to make new connections in the field and to encourage them to provide current glycol samples for that all-important first step toward a sale, testing.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 9.42.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 9.43.09 PM.png

HARDI Las Vegas Trade Show App and Social Media Promotion

Each year, Lentus attends the HARDI annual conference, offering access to a key audience of HVAC-R/Plumbing industry professionals. In the first year, Lentus attended as an exhibitor the show was in Las Vegas. We decided to take advantage of every opportunity possible to drive traffic to the Lentus booth and share the Lentus story.


We utilized the show’s very own app to highlight Lentus’s exhibition that helped people with schedules, floor maps, notices, and a constant news feed that imported items from Twitter using a special hashtag. We paired Vegas-themed content and free offers with highly visual concepts on Twitter to increase booth traffic. Our “small presence” became big news that drove a first-time exhibitor to the forefront of the trade show.

Lentus Results

We are constantly doubling-down on the things that are working and removing lower-performing efforts to ensure that your marketing gets better and better as we partner with you into the future. 


OVER 300%


in site traffic












Ads served


Owning App advertising for the show






in sales year to year

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