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Why You Should Update Your Website?

There’s a lot going on with your website and an update can provide numerous benefits to your business. Here are four ways you can update your site and improve your online presence. Almost every website in the world has some form of search engine optimization (SEO). It’s not only about building your website, but also getting it indexed and ranking. An update to your site and blog is a great way to optimize your search engine visibility. Align your site with current and relevant terms and phrases you’re using in your content. Give your website a better look and feel by focusing on color and simplicity.

What Will You Change?

The first step to improving your website is to identify what needs changing. There are countless other websites and technologies that will improve your site. Do you need a new server or database? Maybe you need to upgrade your content management system or some other piece of software. This doesn't have to be expensive. To jumpstart your project, see if your service provider is willing to help. Whose Database Are You Using? Consider your current database. Who is using it, and how are they using it? Make sure it's set up correctly, or find a resource to set it up for you.

How to Get Started

Are you a referral resource? Can your site assist you in making sales? Are you promoting your products and services? These questions are important, but if they don’t answer the question “is my website a functioning source of revenue?”, then there is little point to making it better. It’s not the website itself that is the issue; it’s the relationship it has with the business. If it’s not doing much at all, it has to be changed. So first look at your conversion. See what pages, from which pages, are driving the traffic. Then you can make decisions based on the data you find. If you think of visitors to your site as “customers” and not “members,” for example, you will come up with a number of solutions.

Creating a Plan

Perhaps the biggest impediment to a more active online presence is a lack of a strategy. It's often the lack of strategic planning that holds businesses back from taking advantage of the capabilities of the Internet. The hard part is knowing how to turn vision into action. Fortunately, many businesses are taking their time to plan for success. You can also turn to professionals like Content-1 for help. Having an experienced partner will help you to plan an to avoid pitfalls along the way with your website project. We can assist every step of the way from planning to completion.

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