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How to Connect Online and Offline Strategies for More Effective Marketing

Marketing strategy is an important resource for growing your business, however many organizations have one strategy for online marketing and one for offline efforts. Connecting the two will make both more effective.

The Importance of Marketing Strategy

The challenges that come from a lack of a marketing strategy can be understood by considering these questions: What strategies should your company focus on? Where do you see the company going in the next five years? How do you want to attract customers? What marketing channels should you focus on? Where Should You Focus Your Marketing Strategy? When it comes to marketing strategy, focus is important, even if it means narrowing your focus.

Plan for Both Online and Offline Marketing

Your company should have two-pronged marketing strategies to increase the effectiveness of your efforts. Analyze your customers’ online data to inform the marketing strategies for both. What data do you have about your customer? Are you tracking website traffic, digital conversions, email subscribers, social followers, or store visits? These metrics will provide an overall picture of your customer. If the data shows they have been interacting with your website, then it’s time to launch an advertising campaign targeting them. Create an Online Marketing Strategy Evaluate the data you have about your customer and develop an online marketing strategy. Create a product you’re comfortable with and use the same content for both your online and offline marketing efforts.

Connection Strategies to Connect Your Efforts

The method you choose to connect your offline and online marketing strategies will depend on the goals and tasks of your organization. When preparing to use offline activities, you should select activities that will provide long-term benefits. Instead of trying to grab consumers' attention during the promotion of a new product, focus on selling to existing customers. Using other offline tools can provide resources that encourage online behavior. A great example is a dental clinic that creates an online coupon system to be distributed at the dentist's office. Every time consumers use their smart phone to capture the coupon, the client's phone gets tagged with a unique ID number. This allows the clinic to track all the offers and their impact on the client's choices.


Online marketing can make an impact on customer and employee behavior, but it’s important to focus on both channels. Success can be measured by attracting customers and retaining customers. Use the tips in this article to use both online and offline strategies in your business. For more help developing your advertising and marketing strategies, contact Content-1 today.

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