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Content-1 creates the Handy Antibac Bubble Video, easing us into the new normal

Content-1 created a new video helping people ease into the new normal with the protection of Handy Antibac products.

You and your family have been safe at home inside your protective bubble, but as we all emerge from our homes and things start to open up again we all need help understanding how that protective bubble can be maintained.

Handy Antibac is a manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) bringing gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, wipes, eye and face protection and sanitizer dispensers to US markets during this time of need due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Content-1 is developing a wide array of marketing and communication assets to be used to fulfill our strategy for bringing these products to market successfully.

The Handy Antibac Bubble Video is just one of the first content elements we are introducing across social media channels to reach our established target audiences. We are in the putting the final touches on a robust e-commerce site to support both direct to consumer sales and wholesale distributor sales from one flexible online resource.

Content-1 is proud to play our role in helping to bring much needed PPE products to individuals and businesses working hard to return to work, school, businesses, the gym and more in the safest way possible. To learn more about Content-1 and how we can help your business attract, engage and grow new customers, visit our website today.

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