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Shifting from customer experience to consumer intimacy

The new normal for marketers means taking on a willingness to change from the models of the past to the consumer expectations of the future. While we have been concentrating with laser focus on the customer’s experience (CX), the new normal is shifting to consumer intimacy. One of the most important platforms for this change is personalization. Consumers are increasingly willing to share data in exchange for personalized attention.


Marketers want to create a new category: consumer intimacy (CI). CI means engaging with consumers in new ways to shape their experiences whenever possible and helping consumers become active participants in creating the intimacy that underpins loyalty.

The winners in the new normal will be companies that accept the efforts of consumers to shape their own brand experiences. These companies will engage continually with consumers and, in the process, map a living profile of the customer’s unique preferences, passions, and needs built on analysis of past interactions and product choices, allowing companies to move beyond simply knowing what customers purchase or consume and begin to understand why they made those choices.

Marketers are also unlocking the lifetime value of consumers by providing highly convenient, subscription-based services built on the insights gained when mapping customer profiles. Living services, which are contextually aware, self-learning, and designed to anticipate and respond to consumers’ expectations in every environment and situation, hold a great deal of promise.

Content-1 client, Gluconfidence, provides an excellent example of matching consumer profiles to expectations served by product subscriptions. Gluconfidence provides a solution to low blood sugar for those with type 1 diabetes. Learning and predicting the volume needs of specific customers on a monthly basis can offer an “always ready” supply of a life changing product for consumers and a recurring revenue stream for Gluconfidence. Creating these win-win situations between marketers and consumers builds loyalty and success over time.

By taking advantage of the digitization of everything and the unprecedented understanding of customer profiles, businesses will be able to realize mass customization and deliver living services that adapt, evolve, and pivot around the individual and radically change the consumer experience. Speed, automation, and flexibility will be the attributes of the successful marketer in our collective new normal.

Contact Content-1 to learn how the right marketing strategy and implementation can bring your business into the new normal successfully.

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