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How Digital Marketing Has Changed the Way Political Campaigning Works

If you want proof that digital marketing is powerful, look no further than the latest political campaigns. Politicians have been paying for advertising on traditional mediums such as TV and newspapers for plenty of years, but the internet has taken political campaigning to an entirely new level. Whether it’s at a local, state, or national level, it’s pretty much impossible to run a successful political campaign without a large part of the budget being spent on digital marketing efforts.

The Perks of Digital

Political campaigning requires a tremendous amount of canvassing and conveying a message through digital marketing and social media has made it easier than ever before to reach the broadest audiences available. In a world where fewer and fewer people are interacting face-to-face, digital marketing offers a direct route of access to anyone who owns a smartphone or computer.

Getting Specific

Not only does digital marketing bring politics to the masses, but it has the power to hone in on very specific target audiences as well.

Political campaigns can use micro-targeted ads to appear to demographics with tailored messaging designed to hit the issues that matter most to specific voters. Millennials may be served with ads that focus on student loans. Older generations may be served ads that focus on social security or Medicare. Not only does targeting put your messaging directly in front of voters who need to see it, it also means you’re spending your marketing dollars more wisely on messaging that goes much deeper than a blanket ad.

Methods like geofencing have become increasingly prevalent as well. Geofencing is serving ads to a very specific geographic area. This area can vary from the size of an entire state to the size of building or very specific IP address. Geofencing gives politicians the ability to stay ahead of the campaign trail maximize to reach the audiences most beneficial to them. For example, a candidate can run an ad in areas where they’re actively campaigning or serve an ad to a building where an opponent is holding a rally.

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