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How to Get the Most out of Marketing on Linkedin

LinkedIn has emerged as a powerful platform for business owners, marketers, and individuals who are interested in networking, promoting their brand, and generating new leads for their business endeavors. Still, LinkedIn may not be the first social media platform that comes to mind when you’re devising a digital marketing strategy for your company. But LinkedIn offers some extremely powerful marketing tools that can become a vital element to your lead-generation strategy online.

Since the platform is specifically made up of business professionals, LinkedIn is an ideal platform for B2B companies in a way that other platforms will never be. If you’re a B2B company, LinkedIn is probably the most important platform available to you. If you’re looking to do your digital marketing right, LinkedIn will become a critical part of your success. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of marketing on LinkedIn

Make Sure your Profile is Complete

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, so it’s important that your business feature a complete profile. Otherwise, your profile isn’t going to look the best in comparison to your competitors. Your LinkedIn page should feature the following:

  • Logo

  • Description of your business

  • Your website URL

  • Company size

  • Industry

  • Company type

  • Location

These are all elements that are critical to having a successful profile. Your LinkedIn page may be the first time a user has heard of your company, so it’s important to have a fully fleshed-out and informative profile in order to actually start the process of generating a lead.

Share Content Appropriate to LinkedIn

You should be sharing content that appeals to LinkedIn’s base of professionals. LinkedIn is the perfect place to share more in-depth content, especially in comparison to platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The LinkedIn audience will be much more receptive to these types of content. It’s also important that your content retain a sense of professionalism. More casual posts such as funny images and other content that’s unrelated to your industry will likely deter users from taking your business seriously and harm lead generation.

Also, don’t be afraid to make use of the different post types on LinkedIn. Uploading videos and images is a great way to make your company’s feed more appealing and engage potential clients. These types of posts will attract users to your page, where they can engage in existing content and get a better idea of what your business offers.

Use LinkedIn’s Paid Functions

LinkedIn has an InMail function that allows you to send sponsored content, text ads, and other targeted messages directly to the inbox of users who could benefit from your services. This is a very powerful tool and can save you plenty of time in money in the long run. LinkedIn also has a matched audiences tool that retargets users who have already entered your sales funnel. This is just one of the many reasons why LinkedIn is unprecedented when it comes to lead generation for B2B companies.

Use the Search Function

LinkedIn’s search function is extremely useful for users who want to hone in their marketing efforts on very specific audiences. Using the search function in conjunction with the InMail feature offers an incredibly effective means of marketing. In comparison to something like a Facebook ad, LinkedIn InMail increases the chance of your marketing content actually being seen and considered.

Messaging a user individually is also a great way to start new business relationships, open up opportunities for further networking, and help to increase awareness of your company’s brand and mission.

Make Use of LinkedIn Groups

Joining or creating a LinkedIn group is another great way to make connections. Connecting with a group in your niche or industry will create conversations and opportunities for new leads. If you’re looking to join a group, check out the LinkedIn Groups page for a curated selection of existing groups you may be interested in joining.

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