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Why Does Facebook Still Matter?

How to Get the Most out of your Facebook Marketing

Facebook has seen its fair share of controversy over the past few years, and it’s also seen a pretty sharp drop in users recently. Still, this hasn’t stopped Facebook from being a cornerstone of digital marketing. It’s still the most recognizable social media platform for the majority of digital users. No matter what you’re trying to market, Facebook has an audience you can tap into. Facebook has the largest and most diverse audience of any social platform. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your Facebook marketing.

Find Your Audience

The key is to find your audience. Then, focus on your purpose. Facebook is still a very useful marketing tool when you produce content that engages the right audience. Crafting your marketing toward key demographics will help you stand out to Facebook users.

Understand Facebook’s Algorithms

Facebook has made it increasingly more complicated for your content to reach the people who have connected to your business’s page. Because Facebook was becoming increasingly saturated as its user base grew, Facebook adjusted their algorithm in order to provide users a more organized browsing experience by prioritizing the content that is most relevant to them. So, just because your Facebook page has plenty of followers doesn’t mean that they will actually see your posts when they scroll through their feeds. The algorithm now heavily favors person-to-person interaction and content over default posts from your business’s Facebook page.

Boost your Posts

In the past, it would be guaranteed that at least a certain percentage of users who’ve connected with your page would be able to see your content organically. Now, the various changes to the algorithms have reduced the capacity for people to come upon your posts organically. Today, the only way to ensure a large percentage of your online community sees your content is through investing in Facebook ads.

There are some upsides to this. Since paid strategies are now the best way to actually reach your audience, you can spend less time cultivating a large number of followers and likes to your business page. You can generally bypass focusing on garnering likes and followers and instead focus more attention on value-driven marketing practices.


Facebook is constantly innovating new tools to widen the range of its marketing options. Whether it’s boosted posts, interactive Canvas ads, or follower polls, Facebook is keeping its marketing wheelhouse fresh and providing you with new ways to increase your marketing reach.


Facebook will improve your search engine optimization. Creating an engaging presence on Facebook will drive people to your site. This increased traffic will help to increase visibility through keywords, cut down bounce rates, and increase click-through rates.

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