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7 Things Not to Do When You’re Marketing on Facebook

When it comes to making sure your marketing is hitting the right notes on Facebook, there’s a lot more to think about than just posting at the optimal times of the day or using different post types. The way your brand looks, engages, and interacts on Facebook is a telltale sign of how you conduct your business in real life. Here are some things to avoid on your path toward marketing success on Facebook.

1. Post Bad Pictures

If you’re a new business trying to increase your presence in a city and create a digital presence, posting high-quality images is a great way to get started. Posting low-quality pictures of your establishment is a surefire way to turn people off from your business. Low-res images, odd images that are out of context, and photography that makes your product look unappealing (especially if you’re a restaurant) are all things to avoid like your digital life depends on it.

2. Handle Controversy in a Graceless Way

Going out guns blazing and defending your business against any wayward comment on social media is a guaranteed way to create an awkward experience for anyone who visits your Facebook page. Prospective or existing customers will be witness to the way your brand or business responds to controversy or negative feedback. Replying thoughtfully to negative comments can actually be a great opportunity to amend a bad or broken customer service relationship. Deleting comments may seem like a short-term solution, but it’s best to address customer concerns instead of ignoring it.

3. Make Things Overly Personal

It’s important to keep your digital space sacred. Don’t clog up your feed with overly sentimental content that involves the personal lives of you or your employees. Consumers want clear and concise information that they can engage in, not an extension of your personal Facebook wall.

4. Post Too Much

Keep it simple. Don’t be tempted to crowd your feed with multiple posts per day. Users of Facebook will typically be hesitant to follow your page and engage with your content if they feel overwhelmed at the amount of content you’re posting per day.

5. Focus All Your Energy on Selling Product

It’s important to not shove your products down people’s throats. Constantly creating social media content that only focuses on selling product will leave a bad taste in most social media users’ mouths. Spamming product posts is a guaranteed way to turn some social media users off from trying your products or business.

6. Produce Tone-Deaf Content

It’s important to stay on top of what’s happening in the outside world when it comes to producing relevant content. Producing content that makes reference to current events can be a good way to engage audiences. On the flip side, it can create some awkward situations with social media users. Social media platforms can sometimes seem like the Wild West in terms of allowing people to respond to the things they see in whatever ways they please. Monitoring your social media is always important, and it can help turn a bad situation into something good.

7. Seem Desperate

Creating posts designed solely to garner likes is something that many users will find tacky. Focusing on content that is not business-centered will increase the likelihood of your posts being ignored be users. Content should be designed to inspire users to engage in your content and make use of your business’s services and products.

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