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Content-1 package design goes international

In our ever-shrinking world it is more important every day for companies to consider global markets for their products and services. Content-1 worked with Lentus to develop a new brand we called LENTEK. This brand provides personal protection equipment to companies and wholesalers in all kinds of markets including HVAC, Plumbing, MRO, Construction and more.

It is important for LENTEK to look beyond the US to create distribution channels that take the most advantage possible to reach the highest number of potential product purchasers. This means marketing products in the US and across the globe.

Content-1 works with highly trained translation services to provide packaging and advertising design to accommodate foreign languages, as well as working with audio, video and interactive media translations that expand opportunities beyond our shores.

For more information about Content-1, our translation services and the wide variety of other services we provide, please link to our website.

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