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Why Louisville Businesses Should Post Video

You’re probably seeing more and more Louisville small businesses and Louisville advertising agencies posting video in their blogs, social media post and on their websites.

Why? Because it works! of course, what kind of question is that?! But I’m going to tell you why it works.

First. It’s a function of how social media and search engines work these days. Social media channels like Facebook give preference to video over other types of media.

They’ve figured out that their members like and engage with video more often and longer than other types of media.

Whether you're a Louisville Small Business or a Louisville advertising agency, here’s a tip: When you’re posting video on Facebook, studies show that Facebook gives even more preference to Facebook videos and less to those that are linked in from YouTube. So be ready to upload. Additionally, Facebook Live videos go straight to the top of the feed every time they’re posted.

It’s also important to know that Google loves video. And it makes sense. Google owns YouTube. Google capitalizes on their symbiotic relationship often offering video content ranked high in their search results.

And guess what, YouTube is now the second most often used search engine. Second only to Google. Coincidence, I don’t think so.

So those are some pretty practical reasons why your business should be using video online, but it’s also because were a video culture. People simply engage with video more. We like it and web analytics show that this is true.

Now if you want to succeed with video online you do need to focus on good content. You probably see a lot of static talking heads droning on against a wall in their bedroom. Not very compelling.

A video about gardening should happen in a garden, not in a bedroom.

Make videos that are watchable, interesting to look at, about topics you know well and where you can speak as an expert. And have fun. A sense of humor will go a long way with your audience. Dan steps on rake

When you have good quality video content, you’ll be surprised where you can use it.

On your website On Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Snap Chat, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.

In presentations

With proposals

And on and on and on…

You have an HD video camera in you pocket right now, so you really are equipped to get started. You do want to be sure your video is good, that it targets your audience correctly and represents your business properly. If you need help planning and producing video content that will work, just let us know. Content-1 is a Louisville video production company and we're here to help.

That’s why Louisville businesses large and small should be using video online. We hope you enjoyed this video, as usual, we really appreciate your likes and shares. For more information go to

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