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Content-1: A Digital Marketing Agency Tailored to Your Needs

When you need a Louisville digital marketing agency that is laser focused on your unique business, Content-1 is the partner you need. With a wide range of services, Content-1 has the experience and expertise to help you evaluate your options and focus in on marketing strategies that work. Content-1 clients rely on us to measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and to constantly optimize increasing the use of high performing content while eliminating under-performing work to consistently become more effective over time.

Who is Content-1?

Content-1 is a Louisville based digital marketing agency specializing in helping small businesses, large businesses and agencies use digital media to find new customers. We do this through content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and more.

Work with our talented team members who are passionate about creating amazing content for your business. When you work with Content-1, you'll have access to a team of highly skilled industry experts. Our full-service team includes digital marketing experts who have extensive knowledge of the latest digital marketing techniques and technologies. We work with you to evaluate and optimize the content you use across multiple marketing channels to promote your business more effectively.

What does Content-1 do?

Content-1 builds marketing strategies based on client needs and goals. Our clients are typically marketing directors and business owners, our offerings include a wide range of business-to-business and business to consumer services. Marketing include web development, social media marketing, and e-commerce development. These services have been proven to increase traffic and conversions on clients' websites.

Content-1 creates content in line with your goals. We create content that can be matched to meet your goals and needs. For example, if you are in the home furnishings business, we can develop content and a landing page to drive more traffic to your website and a downloadable membership card for your online store.

How is Content-1 different from other agencies?

Content-1 is a truly customer-focused, digital marketing agency. The company's mission is to provide the highest level of service and provide that service in a timely and cost-effective manner. We work closely with our clients to develop strategies that will deliver excellent results, based on the unique needs of your business. What makes Content-1 stand out from the competition? Content-1 prides itself on being extremely transparent and keeping our clients, both current and prospective, always at the forefront of what we are doing. Our leaders are on-site and work closely with our clients to get a thorough understanding of their business and goals. This ensures that our work aligns with the specific goals of our clients and allows us to deliver the most effective work possible.

How can Content-1 help?

Our team of experienced content marketers works with your organization to evaluate your current marketing strategy and determine the best methods to increase the overall effectiveness of your marketing. When we're hired, we begin working with you on your marketing programs to create a customized strategy to reach and engage your target audience with dynamic and targeted content. Do you want to learn more? To learn more about Content-1, including our services, pricing and how we can help you become more effective at marketing, contact us today or go to

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