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4 reasons your company should advertise with video online

Studies show that video scores much higher than any other media type for engagement online. Here are four reasons your company should be marketing with video online from Content-1.

Video Engages Your Audience

“Engagement” is the number one-word marketers use to describe the viewer’s state during a video ad. A study of U.S. online shoppers discovered that by far the most engaging video ad was the Taco Bell ad showing the journey of a taco. Most viewers who saw that ad finished watching it in less than 30 seconds. As well as being an engaging way to market your business, video is also a great way to get a handle on your customers’ online behavior. “People tend to act as if they were talking to a friend, which makes them more willing to talk to a friend than do so with someone who isn’t,” said a study on the psychology of online communication. So, if you want to engage with your customers online, then it pays to engage with them with video.

The Best Time to Post Video is on Weekends

The key to a video that gets shared and engaged is timing. It shouldn't just be posted on Thursday or Monday. Make posting videos a part of your routine. Make your videos new and exciting, and/or a little bit weird, in the end, you will have something that your viewers will want to engage with. If they do engage, they are likely to share it. Videos help people to connect to each other. We are constantly trying to be more connected and less alone.

Make Sure You Have the Right Video for Your Brand

First and foremost, consider the target audience you are marketing to. As someone who spends his days working with small business owners, I can assure you that they are interested in video marketing. After all, most of them don't have a dedicated budget for TV advertising. But they do have a budget for video, so you have to find the right videos to use online. I have a big problem when I find a video that appears to be great but turns out to be totally wrong for the brand. Whether it's on Instagram or YouTube, I go to the brand's website to see if it actually uses the video. If it doesn't, I remove it. Even with clients, I've had to remove videos that went from great to no longer being relevant to their company after just a few days.

Statistics Tell a Story

Much like a good story, a great ad tells a compelling narrative. With most companies not using video, it’s possible they aren’t aware of how many stories can be told with just a few seconds. Within one minute, you can have a piece of content that touches the hearts and minds of your viewers. Much like pricing can help a consumer make a purchasing decision, video pricing is much easier to understand. Creating a concise video with clear pricing can help clients understand why they need to purchase the product, while generating a sense of urgency to get the product before it is sold out. Within just a few seconds, a video can explain this strategy, making pricing more transparent.

When it comes to developing your video strategy and for writing, producing, and distributing videos that get results, contact Content-1 for help.


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