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3 Quick Ways to Improve Your SEO Now

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important way to drive additional traffic to your website by ranking higher in the returns for searches relevant to your product, service or business. Here are three quick ways to improve your SEO right now.

Improve your website’s load time

Your website’s load time is a search engine ranking factor. A study by Moz suggests that an additional 200 milliseconds is worth 1.5 rankings. Performance matters to Google and people are increasingly turning to search engines for information. One way is to improve your website’s load time by investing in hosting. Most small businesses fail to invest in the hosting resources necessary to support Google search rankings. The recommended ratio for hosting a WordPress site is 1 terabyte of memory, 100 GB of disk space and 5 GB of monthly bandwidth. Webhosting websites like Hostgator, Bluehost, DreamHost and Hostwind provide the combination of resources you need to make your website load time competitive.

Use social media to your advantage

An in-depth analysis by Search Engine Journal reveals that the organic reach of a brand page on social media is comparable to the organic reach on the business' website. Through strategies such as creating blog content, increasing search engine rankings, optimizing images and implementing smart link building tactics, you can ensure you are consistently increasing your web visibility. Increase your visibility and rank higher Having an online presence is often the first step to increased exposure, but achieving that goal takes a significant amount of time and effort.

Improve your meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are what people see when they perform a search for a keyword, typically found in the headline of your website. The meta description is a tag included directly underneath the headline that describes what the search term is exactly. Lately, we’ve seen an increasing number of meta descriptions that have no description at all. What this usually means is that there’s some description you can write about your business, product or service that gets inserted in the tag. Here are some important things to note about your meta description: Always use a descriptive headline. In most cases, you should know this is what the search engine will display before the keyword or phrase you search for.


These are just a few quick ways to improve your SEO right now. There are plenty of other resources to improve your SEO through long-term in-depth processes. If you want to start improving your SEO right away, contact your Louisville digital advertising agency - Content-1 to learn how today.

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