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Why Authenticity in Marketing is More Important than Ever

In 2020, brands have no choice but to be transparent. Thanks to the advent of the Internet and social media, consumers have more insight than ever before into what goes on behind the scenes. As a result, brands are pivoting to appeal to an audience that considers authenticity the first-and-foremost factor when it comes to their purchasing decisions.

Authenticity is King

With the digital marketing field more saturated than ever, marketers are always looking for the best way to appeal to consumers. Time and time again, consumers will list authenticity as a significant factor in which brands they choose to support. But what elements lead to audiences deciding whether or not a brand is authentic?

Building Trust

Audiences are consistently finding consumer-driven content to be the marketing that matters. Social media users are much more likely to connect to a product when they see it marketed by the consumer themselves. User-generated content eliminates the barrier between audiences and brands, creating a sense of authenticity that high-budget marketing can’t obtain. Content from a friend, family member, or an influencer audiences are familiar with is a great way to cultivate trust and authenticity with consumers.

Younger audiences are increasingly attuned to trusting brands and businesses that display transparency and authenticity. Complementing your digital marketing with real, relatable images from your customer-base can enhance your brand awareness while simultaneously cultivating a sense of trust between your brand and its audience. Fostering a brand that seems detached and uninterested is a guaranteed way to alienate valuable demographics.

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