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Technidyne Optical Properties Book

Nothing screams industry thought leader like producing your very own textbook. Content-1 partnered with Technidyne to create a textbook amassing the vast knowledge of their industry they’ve gained throughout their 45 years of operation. Here’s a look at how we helped Technidyne celebrate their 45th Anniversary through the creation of an industry-leading resource.

A Commitment to Education

“Measurement and Control of the Optical Properties of Paper” is a 152-page hardback textbook designed to educate readers on various topics within the paper industry. Produced in part to celebrate Technidyne’s 45th Anniversary, the book is an invaluable resource for education on such topics as color, brightness, whiteness, fluorescence, opacity, gloss, and residual ink. This resource will pave the way as a comprehensive resource as an optical properties reference guide for a new generation of paper-lab technicians and engineers looking to develop their skills as optical properties experts.

Sharing Knowledge

Content-1 partnered with Technidyne to create this unparalleled resource. The book will be distributed throughout multiple channels within the paper industry and as a textbook for paper engineering students at colleges and universities.

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