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Museum of the American Revolution Video Installations

Content-1 was brought in by Donna Lawrence Productions to provide post production services completing 12 different audio and video experiences in the new Museum of the American Revolution. Managing teams of writers, editors, audio engineers, animators art directors, lighting designers, special effects professionals, historians and curators to deliver ground-breaking results for this world-class museum was a huge undertaking. Content-1 was the trusted resource working with these teams to deliver on-target and on-time for the Museum's opening in Philadelphia April 19th, 2017.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Senior post production rolls included working with teams of museum curators and historians to incorporate their interpretation of the Revolution into scripts, storyboards rough cuts and final video content assisting with every step along the way. We served as the liaison between the client and Donna Lawrence Productions creative staff ensured that storytelling was executed with accuracy while engaging and entertaining audiences with an educational exploration of the American Revolution and it's resonance in today's world.

Managing the Battle

Scheduling and work flow management kept individual projects on track while aligning each with the projects core umbrella of goals. As videos were completed Content-1 worked with installers, lighting programmers, projection engineers and special effects on site to integrate content with the entire museum environment seamlessly. 

Revolutionary Results

The results are breathtaking. The accomplishment of this challenging project within the timeframe necessary for the scheduled museum opening set a high bar from a project management point of view, however the creative and educational results were delivered far beyond expectations. The Museum of the American Revolution now stands as a "must see" experience for anyone learning about the early years of the American Republic and the price of the freedom we enjoy. You owe it to yourself to pay a visit to the museum and to see it first-hand.

If you would like to arrange to review video content associated with this project, please contact us at and we will coordinate with you to make this possible. Video is proprietary to the museum and cannot be posted for public access.

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