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Dow Cartridge Package Design

Dow is one of the best known, high quality brands in the world serving markets from agriculture to construction, electronics, healthcare, paints, packaging textiles and much more. Dow is one of the leading names in the HVAC-R/Plumbing products business where they enjoy a legendary position as the provider of the highest quality 100% silicone sealants on the market. As such an important player in this market Dow had always invested more in product quality and less in marketing and packaging.

When it came time to update packaging for the full-line of Dow HVAC-R/Plumbing sealant products they relied on Content-1 to develop design and execute concepts for new cartridge, squeeze tubes, boxes and cartons for the line. Content-1 focused on the attention of the wholesale and retail consumer with special attention in our approach to the question “What’s in it for them?”. Our packaging solution uses a common look and feel to the product family while implementing color coding to identify the different uses for product that may appear on a shelf together. We also drove-home Dow’s commitment to using 100% silicone in their products with a large vertical graphic calling this fact to attention.


Content-1 is proud to have been selected as the package design resource for these Dow products. Knowing that our work will appear on millions of packages sold around the world for years to come has been very inspiring to our design team.

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